Flower shops brace for Valentine's Day

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Another local business that is enjoying the increased traffic of Valentine's Day is the Ferry Flower and Gift Shop on Walnut Street. "Flowers are wonderful. I just love it".

"I never knew how important flowers are to people until I got to this class they need them for funerals, for weddings for birthdays, for everything", said Clarissa Lopez.

"Green's has the candy, Great Lakes has the popcorn, we've got the flowers", she said.

It's that time of the year where candy and flower sales go through the roof for local florists and candy shop owners. Workers are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes.

OnePoll surveyed 2,000 people who celebrate Valentine's Day between 09/01/2017 and 12/01/2017.

"Specifically Ecuador has, what I have been told by the growers, the prime conditions to grow roses".

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Always buying roses. They're a safe bet, so that's why guys do it.

"Roses number one always you know it's just insane, and of course we do the mixed arrangements too, but number one is the roses still", said Hogan.

With Valentine's Day being the biggest day of the year for the shop, Hogan has a message for customers for next year. And for the flowers from the Netherlands, it's the equivalent amount of energy used by an average house hold in two-and-half years.

Reklaitis says giving flowers as an expression of love became very popular in Victorian England.

"Nevertheless, roses are still the most popular flowers and especially red roses as it represents romance", she pointed out.

Nicole Veillon is no stranger to the Valentine's Day rush.

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Joey Kimbrough, owner of Kaleidoscope Florist and Designs in Florence, said Valentine's Days that fall on a Tuesday or Wednesday are particularly challenging.

You can't do much about growing flowers right now, but you can buy some. Or send them to her at work, so she can brag.

Those boxes of roses are prime real estate so far as drug smugglers are concerned.

"About 99% of Ipswich florists use our flowers too".

Since the start of February, 5.22 million rose stems had been imported from Kenya, up by almost 850,000 roses in the same period past year. Farmers, more and more with each passing year, are also increasingly adept at harvesting and shipping them to United States quickly and efficiently.

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