Monster gator recorded at Florida reserve compared to 'dinosaur' and 'Godzilla'

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"I have been more scared when they just cross with no warning on Alligator Alley trail". We're glad you didn't get eaten.

Viewers have nicknamed the alligator "Mr Humpback", calling it a "swamp monster" and "Godzilla". It's understandable that such a large population of alligators pose a serious threat to pets. Florida's heaviest recorded gator was a 1,043-pound, 13-foot-10½-inch male at Orange Lake in Alachua County. Visitors wasted no time in taking pictures and recording its video. Fish, snakes, small mammals and birds are each among the animal's many dining options, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. It is unclear whether the Circle B giant alligator has been previously fed by humans and therefore was unfazed by the human onlookers.

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Video of a very big alligator spotted in a Florida wildlife sanctuary Sunday is racking up views across the Internet as people look at disbelief at the creature that looks more prehistoric than present-day.

In comments on the Facebook post, Lakeland PD responds to a concerned commenter to assure them that the gator won't be harmed. This is a real life alligator.

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Some people can't believe their eyes after seeing this massive gator crossing in front of some tourists in Florida. And according to the Fox News, this big alligator was not the first one to hit headlines in Florida.

Lakeland Police say the video was filmed by resident Kim Joiner as she strolled through the reserve Sunday afternoon.

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