All key announcements from Nvidia at CES 2017

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Audi and Nvidia have extended their autonomous auto partnership through the end of the decade, apparently with the goal of delivering a Level 4-capable vehicle in less than four years. Nvidia says that this system is running a deep neural network called PilotNet, which was developed over the past 18 months, to give the vehicle more self-awareness and prowess to drive in complex and dynamic environment. The system uses Nvidia hardware and software. "In our mutual pursuit for safer roads, the partnership between Audi and NVIDIA will expand to deep learning and artificial intelligence to bring higher automation onto the road more quickly", said Audi American President Scott Keogh. It is scheduled to be in production from 2018.

Audi and its parent VW Group announced their strategic partnership with NVidia for their new Future Center California in Silicon Valley.

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Audi has strengthened its relationship with Nvidia and the two brands plan to release a self-driving vehicle together by 2020.

Press releases issued by both companies focus on Audi's upcoming A8, claimed to be the world's first Level 3 automated vehicle when it arrives next year.

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Huang also revealed that Mac and PC users will have to pay a relatively steep price for the opportunity to use NVIDIA's GeForce Now game streaming service. Instead, you're able to install games you own-through Steam, Origin, and other platforms or standalone clients-on cloud-based servers and stream them to your computer.

Another limitation, at least for the time being, is that only residents of the United States may apply for early access to the service. The service will charge $25 for 20 hours of gaming. Once you sign in and start anew on the platform, you will be bestowed with 8 free hours of games on a GTX 1060 and 4 hours on a GTX 1080. "With GeForce Now, a new generation of gamers can now play the latest PC games with great performance and fantastic quality".

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